January 20, 2022

What is Expected From a Close Protection Agent

A close protection agent, popularly called as bodyguards follow the clients closely to prevent and stop security threat. Public personalities are under the threat of assassination, kidnapping, and assault. The duty of these agents is to prevent all these threats when the client hires him. The operatives must also prevent other threats such as loss of personal information and security breach. It is important to know about the client and his popularity before daring to provide necessary security. The officers are organized by the security agencies that offer necessary training for the clients.

There are a number of job requirements for a close protection agent. Most security agencies hire employees who already have some experience in the armed forces, police services or security services. Though this qualification is not a compulsion, people with experience are preferred. There is an increasing need for agents and the agencies hire fresher’s and provide them the necessary training. Communication and interpersonal skills are required for the close protection to work in cooperation with others and the client.

Physical fitness is mandatory requirement for the job of a agent. The agent should be capable to handle crises and there could be a threat to client from possible armed attackers.
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Without being physically fit, the agent cannot protect his client. The agent must have clear eyesight and hearing. Knowing martial arts is an added advantage. The agent must also be capable of handling firearms and other such weapons for protecting his client.

Mental fitness is equally important to physical fitness. Emergencies arise suddenly and the close protection officer must act immediately. If the operative becomes tensed, everything collapses. During crisis, the agent must be calm and think about the next immediate step required to protect the client. Emotional stability is also vital and the agent should not be afraid when he is hurt. Sometimes, the co-agent may be hurt or dead and the agent is still expected to fight to guard the client. https://www.youtube.com/c/UKCloseProtectionServicesLondon

There are no time constraints for the close protection agents. He/She has to follow the client day or night. The security agencies therefore appoint more than one agent for their customers and let them work in shifts. The agents are also advised to work on different shifts. The agent must travel along travel in the same transport vehicle as the client be it a car, bus, train, flight, or any other transportation medium. The agent must also have a driver license, so he can double as a driver in case the need arises.

Above all, confidentiality is expected from a agent. He/She is the person working all the time with the client and knows more about the personal life of the client. The close protection agent must never disclose any information about the client. There are incidents of betrayal by a few agents and so, the close protection companies conduct a lot of background and loyalty check before selecting any agent.

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