September 24, 2021

Mathematical Foundations of Physics From Vedic Periods: A Study and Ideas for Computer Applications

A deep insight into the origin of MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES will prove that Mathematics needs the following essential skills: 1. OBSERVATION 2. QUANTIFICATION 3. DERIVATION 4. DOCUMENTATION and 5. MODERNISATION, which includes knowledge of computer applications.

We shall study in this article how VEDIC MATHEMATICS made use of the first four criteria in the Science of mathematics, thus paving the way for the last criterion i.e. Modernisation including computerisation.


Nature has its own Rhythm and Order. Intelligent beings, the moment they are born on Earth, start observing the surroundings around them and note the rhythm and order. Mathematical Calculations start at the very early stage of growth.

Even animals have the power of judging space and time. Animals like the tiger, cat etc judge the distances before they leap. This is obvious when they catch hold of their prey by jumping distances. Most of the times, they do not fail. Similarly, birds sense distances and time and they travel thousands of kilometres crossing continents to join their mates.

Hence, it is the basic instinct of living beings to observe, judge and take decisions.

But MAN, by virtue of the unique intelligence he possesses is able to prescribe various measuring techniques and bring uniform systems of measurements in Space and Time. Mathematics is a Science of observing the Universe around us and measuring things using various techniques. This process has started from the very early ages of evolution, like the search for food, shelter etc. At present, there are very modern techniques of mathematics prevalent by the use of computers; however, the basis remains the same.

VEDAS are the most ancient scriptures of the world and we can see that the foundations of mathematics were laid in those days itself. Some of the observations made by the people of Vedic age that have resulted in accurate mathematical calculations are as follows:

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