October 25, 2021

Online Affiliate Marketing – Accurate Affiliate Web Tracking For Your Profitable Business

Tracking your affiliate sale accurately is so important that it has to have an automated system. One of the very popular system used for this is called:

Cookie Tracking:

A cookie tracking is basically a tiny bit of information that a website puts on your computer’s hard drive. So that it will remember who you are when you come back to visit later. For example sites where you register with a username and password to access special information. An affiliate website has this cookie, as soon as you signing up with the product website.

This is how cookies can be used to track your affiliate’s visitor. The cookie will identify which affiliate sent you which visitor and your sale is easy to register. So, what happens to those visitors who do not buy right away?

Now since cookie is on affiliates hard drive even if this affiliate uses it after a year it will work. Your software will ask the visitors computer “do you have a cookie for this site?” If the answer is “no” that means it is the first time and there is no cookie set yet. Your website will give them a cookie that is encoded with the affiliate’s identification number.

The cookie stays with them and the deserving affiliate always gets the credit for the sale. When the sale goes through, the affiliates sale counter is increased by one so that the affiliate can see in real-time exactly how many sales they have. That means affiliate will get credit for all.

The cookie makes it very easy to track the visitors from affiliate links. Affiliate program becomes an easy to sell to potential affiliates.

Expiration of the Cookie:

Depending on the nature of the affiliate program, this cookie prepares to expire as designed, after a certain period of time.
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Two weeks to two years or three years whenever you want.

But what about visitors who want get the product but do not want to order online. Yes it is possible for an affiliate program owner to set the cookie for the site’s affiliate on an off-line order too, an order by phone fax or email as well

Many affiliates marketing programs do not use this option. But it is a good way to grab every sale that you can get. When visitor arrives at your order page where there is choice:

1. To order by printing out your order form and faxing it to or mailing it to you.

2. To order over the phone by calling you cookies can be used to track both of these orders.

The order form has to include the affiliate identification number to appear as a “suite’ number to appear in the form, or may be a “publication” number. It can also be added next to employer identification number.

Similarly tracking order via your toll-free numbers using cookies will use the “publication Number”, that usually appear under the order number on an order form. If the order has been referred by an affiliate’s identification number will appear here.

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