October 24, 2021

Requirement for Controlling Noise and Vibration Dampening in Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment in operational condition may generate significant amounts of vibration. Though these types of vibrations cannot be eliminated, they need to end up being controlled, or dampened, as failure to do so can lead to many problems that affect a machine’s performance and lifespan.

Without adequate vibration dampening, machinery vibrations accelerate the wear and tear of every single tooling component, which ultimately leads to a faster breakdown associated with machine parts. The constant vibrational motion produces cyclical stress. These repeated stresses accumulate and cause equipment failure, thereby reducing the service life of equipment. Due to vibrations, device maintenance can become a constant bottleneck needing excessive down time to service devices and parts. Hence vibration manage is critical as it prevents excessive motion and reduces the wear upon machine components, saving time and money upon maintenance.

Apart from improving machine lifespan, vibration dampening also safeguards workers as vibrations can generate high noise levels. As per OSHA regulations, there are limits on the average noise level under which a worker can work in an eight-hour shift, plus vibration control keeps the sound below this threshold. Vibration manage in machinery reduces the background sound level and can help in decreasing the maximum sound level present. Therefore, effective vibration control is a wise investment both in terms of machine performance and worker safety.

In order to ensure worker safety and extend the service life of equipment, stoß control devices should be utilized. There are numerous methods for controlling vibration. One method uses leveling pads in order to maintain device balance. Similar to washing machines, industrial equipment will shift and begin to vibrate if it is running off balance, which can cause damage and excessive noise. This is one of the easiest and least expensive methods to correct uneven floors or machinery that does not have uniform distribution of its weight during operation. Vibration pads can also be used for vibration control as it reduces noise by simply taking in and muffling vibrations.

Another way of vibration control includes the usage of gerüttel mounts. Identical to shocks within an automobile, vibration mounts generate the mechanical or pneumatic dampening impact to cancel out vibrations by generating an equal and opposite force towards the vibration. A mechanical vibration mount typically comprises of a high-tension springtime identical a car’s shocks. Pneumatic devices utilize either liquid or even compressed air to nullify shock by either filling or draining a cylinder support.

For apps and equipment in which vibration can not be controlled via a vibration pad or even mount, there is a third solution obtainable. The use of injection moldable, high density thermoplastic materials are also a great way to deliver vibration dampening solutions. High in mass, these materials can be custom compounded towards the exact density required by the software, giving part makers the ability to design, produce and assemble the precise dimension, shape and mass of a balance-weight required. These materials can be compounded up to 11 g/cc and can end up being molded into complex geometries, offering part makers the freedom to develop the exact counterbalance, vibration control component they need, and nothing more. In addition, the nature of these high density materials makes them natural sound dampeners, adding value by reducing equipment noise too.

The various solutions for leveling industrial equipment and dampening vibration provide numerous ways to avoid any unneeded wear and tear of machinery or any possible risk to worker’s hearing because even low-level vibrations and audio levels can pose risk to both man and machine.

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