July 29, 2021

Corporate Polo Shirts For Your Company – How to Get it Right

Corporate Polo Shirts (aka – Corporation Polo Shirts) are the basis of many companies staff uniform but how do you ensure you get it right for your company? Better than a T-shirt and less formal than a shirt, the Corporate Polo could provide just the right balance between style and substance but like any item of corporate clothing it must be suitable for the working environment and be able to provide wearer comfort & value-for-money.
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Security First

It might sound obvious but a Polo Shirt is not an item of safety clothing, so it’s essential that your company (or a well qualified person) carry out a danger assessment. Anyone involved in hazardous work requires special consideration, which is why modern-day article is only intended to deal with Corporate and light industrial applications : for which the first choice is fabric.

Reduce Your Cloth Accordingly

Polo T-shirts are usually worn as a base layer (next to the skin), so it’s essential to consider the temperature of the workplace — your staff certainly won’t many thanks if they are too hot (or as well cold)!

In this regard, the choice between Cotton and Polyester (or a mix of the two) is just as relevant as the fat of the fabric itself: Cotton is really a natural fibre and is therefore kind to the skin and comfortable to decorate BUT a synthetic fabric, such as Polyester, is more robust and easier to take care of. This is why the majority of Corporate Polo Tee shirts are made of fabric with a mix of both Cotton & Polyester fibres.

The actual choice depends on a number of factors, therefore it is best to talk to your supplier for specific advice but as a rule of thumb, Cotton Polo Shirts in 230 to 250gsm weight fabric will normally be reserved for workplace & clerical staff, whilst Cotton/Polyester in 180 to 220gsm pounds are mainly used for Company Polo Shirts in light industrial fabrication and engineering.

Style, Colour & Perform

Polo Shirts are available in a variety of styles; usually they come with two or three button opening (placket) at the neck, the rib knit collar and short sleeves but there are additional choices and some of these can be useful, such as an extended back panel (to keep the wearers lower back warm) and side ports (for ease of movement).

Colours need to be considered in light of your corporate logo design and if there’s not a similar colour available from stock then go with a complimentary colour or (if you require sufficient quantity) perhaps an unique Polo, manufactured to match your company colour/s.

The Right Branding

For Corporate Polos there can really be only one option and that’s embroidery. An embroidered Polo Shirt looks so much smarter than one that is printed and delivers an air of quality that is hard to obtain with any other type of embellishment. The traditional placement for the company logo is on the left or correct chest but more and more companies are incorporating additional embroidery to the chest, sleeves and back such as the company website, brand names and sometimes individual wearer names (though this does limit the to reuse the garment, if a member of staff should leave).

It is important that the supplier digitises the image correctly to be used on Polo Shirt fabric and uses the right backing but an experienced embroiderer will do this as a matter of course. Sometimes it can be necessary to create minor adjustments to a company logo, for example increasing the thickness of good lines or the size of small text in order to give a good result but again your supplier should discuss this with you and advise just how it is possible to show your logo to best effect.

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