October 25, 2021

Car loan Refinance – Is Refinancing The correct Option For You?

There are various reasons why consumers choose to go through the auto loan refinance process, but many often fail to fully understand the process of refinancing a vehicle plus pursue it just because they want to obtain a lower monthly payment.

It may be the case that current tough economic times currently have you in a tough spot leaving you unable to afford your current payment, or perhaps you simply want to lower your monthly payment which means you have more money to spend on some other bills or monthly expenses. Then an auto loan refinance can help you achieve a reduce monthly payment.

Current interest rates are at brand new low levels due to the swing in recent market conditions, so now may be the perfect opportunity for you in case you are considering an auto loan refinance.

Auto Loan Refinance Defined

An auto refinance loan is a mortgage that aims to pay off an existing mortgage more effectively by providing a lower interest rate, decreasing the monthly loan premium the borrower is responsible for, and reducing the entire costs that the borrower ends up having to pay above and beyond the initial value of the loan.

Borrowers can refinance their vehicles by going through their current lender for the new loan, or they can research other lenders to see that has the best terms based on current market situations.

Should You Refinance Your Auto?

Before you leap into the process of refinancing your vehicle, it could be a good idea to assess your particular situation in order to identify whether or not refinancing is the correct decision for you. The decision you make will depend on what your goals are from a borrowing standpoint.

You should consider refinancing if:

You would like to get a lower interest rate in order to reduce overall interest costs on your loan. As mentioned before, interest rates are at all new lows. This means that a brand new loan with the same terms will definitely cost less when all is said and done because of the lower interest rates. In case your current loan has a 6% rate of interest, and you now qualify for a 3% loan with the same terms, you will save dramatically on interest costs whenever your loan is finally paid off if you refinance instead of sticking with your current loan.

You might also consider an auto loan refinance in order to reduce your monthly payment. Your monthly payment can be reduced if you are able to get a brand new loan with a lower interest rate, you extend the payoff period of the particular loan, or you get a lower rate of interest and extend the period of the loan. Keep in mind that simply extending the period from the loan with all other factors remaining exactly the same may increase your total interest cost in the long run.

How To Refinance Your Car

There are many of options that you can choose from in order to refinance your current auto loan. The first and perhaps the simplest option would be to contact your current lender to see if they can offer you a better rate on your current mortgage or if they can simply extend the particular payoff period of your loan. Going through your current lender would save expenses associated with lien transfer fees and would save you the hassle of having to find a brand new lender.

If you’d rather not stay with your current lender, then you can shop around to get another lender who is willing to give you the best rates and terms in your new loan. The quickest and easiest way to find a qualified lender with better loan rates is simply by searching on the internet. There are numerous online loan provider comparison tools designed to get you before multiple lenders in order to compare the various rates and terms that they have accessible.

Once you locate your lender of choice, then all you have to do is make an application for the refinance loan with them. They will usually check your credit score and if you are accepted for the auto loan refinance, your new lender will pay off your current loan and your title will be transferred to them.

Determining The Cost Of Auto Loan Refinance

The quickest and easiest way of determining how much it will cost to refinance your current auto loan is to use a refinance auto loan calculator. You simply input the total amount of the mortgage, the interest rate, the number of months it will take to pay off the loan, and any down payment that you will be making. The end result is the total cost of the new loan you will be taking on based on the new refinance car loan rates. You can use the loan calculator to perform the same calculation for your present loan in order to determine whether or not refinancing is more cost effective.
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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Re-financing Your Vehicle

There are many advantages and disadvantages of re-financing a vehicle. In order to make the decision on whether refinancing makes sense for you, you have to think about the advantages and disadvantages and whether or not they apply within your particular situation.


Lower Rate of interest – One of the biggest benefits of refinancing that consumers aim to take advantage of during particular economic conditions is lower interest rates. Reduced interest rates on loans help save the particular borrower money in the long run. This is due to the proven fact that lower interest rates result in lower general interest costs on the loan.

Decrease Monthly Payment – Another important advantage of the particular auto loan refinance is that it can help you decrease your monthly payment. Borrowers can reduce their payment per month either by extending the term from the loan or by getting a cheaper interest rate.

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