September 26, 2020

Tips on Choosing the Right Bridal Jewellery – Part 2


Classical fairy tale dresses were as soon as every girl’s dream and for a lot of they still are! As most of the dresses have very full dresses and heavily embellished bodices, it may sometimes be overpowering to have a complete necklace, drop earrings and band suite. Why not try a delicate freshwater pearl necklace and depending upon nice hair style, droplet earrings with a feature fresh water coin pearl or semi-precious stone to complement your colour theme.

In some cases the bodice of the outfit may have a hint of colour intertwined with diamontes, sequins and pearls. Swarvoski crystals are some of the greatest crystal beads you can get and are very affordable. The beauty with Swarvoski crystals would be that the colour choices are virtually limitless, so whatever your colour concept, you can add a hint of this into the jewellery and then add a little more for that bridesmaids. So let’s say for instance there is a hint of deep rose red-colored crystal dotted around your bodice, down the dress and perhaps on the train of the dress. You could either decide to go for a full clear Swarvoski jewelry suite, a mixture of clear and the color that is hinted on your dress or even a mixture between fresh water pearl and Swarvoski. If your gown has some pearl detail on it, it would be good to tie pearls in elsewhere inside your bridal look either with a switch hole twist or Swarvoski crystal and pearl vines in your bouquets, that way the whole look will harmonise. Of course , each bride knows just what it is she is looking for and ultimately the girl choice is the best choice!

I’ve seen some gorgeous elegant bridal jewellery pieces that have a Swarvoski crystal tiara with a hint of your statement colour added and matching necklace whether it be a delicate Swarvoski necklace along with large centre droplet and crystal encrusted wrist cuff for the strong crystal bling or a mixture of fresh water coin pearl earrings with one simple yet classical fresh water coin gem droplet necklace. Another striking choice is to highlight your main colour plus go for a gorgeous crystal encrusted tresses vine, especially with fair hair colours this looks amazing and very distinctive!

Ever heard of the two out three rule? It is good to remember that will sometimes less is more, so when discussing bridal dresses and bridal jewelry, generally brides tend to go for either necklace and bracelet/bridal wrist cuff.
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Or they go for necklace plus earrings; or earrings and bracelet. If earrings are to be worn having a feature necklace and bracelet, then some simple sterling silver and Marcasite earrings, perhaps a pair of Sterling Silver plus Marcasite love knot earrings or even elegant fresh water pearl studs appearance gorgeous.

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