June 29, 2022

Different Types of Hair Extensions

H?r forl?ngelse have become quite popular in the fashion world. It is a way to add more length and thickness to your natural hair. The addition of hair extension will change the overall looks of your natural hair. Today, there are different types of extensions available in the market to ideally suit the needs of each and every men and women. These types of extensions differ in terms of color, design and the mode of extension.

One of the best products available these days is the heat totally free protein bond extensions. Since this is made up of keratin, it looks simply no different from your natural hair. Moreover, they can be customized based on your needs and preference. This type of hair extension is usually attached to the hair using ultra sonic vibrations which fully softens the head of hair. It cost you around $20 in order to $60 per piece for locks strand.

Another popular type of product is the classic bonded extension. Generally these type of extensions come in different sizes that easily blends with all the pattern of your natural hair. This extension is attached with the help of a glue. When you are using this type of hair expansion, you should avoid ironing your hair. If you iron your hair, it may melt the bond and completely remove the expansion. The price of this type of extension ranges from $20 to even $200 for every piece.

Shrink tubes or shrinkies are another type of an extension which is extremely popular.
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They are mainly used to attach the hair extensions to your hair. You can use this if you want to get curly hair. The cost of this product is around $10 to $20 for every piece.

Swing weft extensions are widely preferred by many people since they are cheaper as well as easier to attach to their hair. This type of hair extensions will make your hair to swing since they are not attached anyplace close to the scalp. The price of Swing weft extensions are around $50 to $95 for each piece.

Human hair is also used for certain types of extensions called the temporary extension. Compared to other types associated with extensions, they are less pricey. Affordable does not mean they are of poor quality. Moreover, they can be easily attached and taken off the hair. All you have to do is to clip the extension and remove it without any kind of complications. This will cost you around $46 to $96.

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